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It is with great excitement that I announce the merger of KDS Strategies with Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies. The merger, announced this morning, creates exciting new opportunities for our philanthropic community, and positions Third Plateau as a leader in servicing and building next generation organizations – organizations that embrace Millennial values such as impact, engagement,

Last week, I shared the beginning of an email exchange that Brian Reich and I had as we began preparing for our upcoming session at SXSW, Do You Actually Know How to Engage a MIllennial. Not surprisingly, I agree with much of what Brian had to share.

In just one month, designers, disruptors, innovators and instigators will converge in Austin, TX for a look at how some of the hottest trends in technology and social media are driving change across all industries. Nothing excites my inner-nerd more than figuring out how to navigate the annual convening of SXSW Interactive. This year is no different – however, this year I have the opportunity to share the stage with one of my favorite instigators, Brian Reich as we host a core conversation, “Do You Actually Know How to Engage a Millennial?”

The following post ran last week in Huffingtong Post to help kick-off new series, The Real Millennials of the Nonprofit Sector that will profile Millennial change makers. Here's a little bit of background about why we think this is so important. 

The social sector today is at incredible inflection point -- traditional models of nonprofit engagement are being taken over by a new era of

Ever wanted to be published in a book? Here's your chance. 

For the past six months we have been on a journey eating, breathing, reading and writing everything -- Millennial. You either know one, or you are one.

Editor's Note: This post appeared on Achieve's Blog as a guest post earlier this week. 

Having grown up in a society where "never talk to strangers" was ingrained into the heads of Millennials from a very early age, it may be surprising to learn that today Millennials aren't just talking to strangers, they are relying on their opinions even more than those of their friends, family and

When TIME named "You" its Person of the Year in 2006, it signified the dawn of a new era and the rise of a new breed of content creators now affectionately known as the YouTube Generation. Fast forward to 2011 and some would argue that TIME may have taken the easy way out by naming "The Protester" as its Person of the Year rather than any one individual.

We live in a society that loves labels - some you wear on your sleeve (whether literally or figuratively), others are given to you simply because of your birth year. There are the labels that marketers have given to us in their desire to sell something from a hamburger to a new pair of kicks.

The explosion of Pinterest over the past few weeks has been interesting, if not entertaining to watch.  For those of you who are not yet among the 6M+ users who have jumped aboard the Pinterest bandwagon in recent weeks, I'll quickly break it down for you.

The first post of any blog is always filled with such high pressure and personal anticipation.  You struggle to find the words that make you sound like some brilliant combination of smart and witty, interesting yet fun, professional yet approachable.